• Blood Orange Live Resin – MMJ Express
    Blood Orange Live Resin From MMJ Express – 9/10 Nose: extremely terpy sour earthy pronounced pine & citrus bit of peppery spice smells so good it should be an air…
  • Bruce Banner Shatter (Lit Extracts) – Buy My Bud
    Lit Extracts Bruce Banner Shatter From Buy My Bud – 9/10 Nose: absolutely nothing smelling the soap that I used to wash my hands – not getting anything from the…
  • BubbleGum OG Shatter – King Tuts Cannabis
    BubbleGum OG Shatter From King Tuts Cannabis – 8.5/10 This shatter was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase through King Tuts Cannabis. Nose: not much really.. very light…
  • Death Bubba/Rockstar Kush W.BHO – High Grade Aid
    Viridesco Death Bubba/Rockstar Kush W.BHO From High Grade Aid – 8.75/10 Nose: smells earthy somewhat dirty light touch of pine scent has a bit of a kush smell to it…
  • Kings Kush Vape Pen – Shades of Green
    This vape pen was provided as a free sample for the purposes of review.Thanks Shades of Green! Kings Kush Disposable Vape Pen From Shades Of Green – 7.5/10 Nose: nothing…
  • Lord of the Apes Live Resin “Hash” – GoodBuds
    This product was purchased from a Local Dispensary for the purposes of review.GoodBuds list the product as being “Live Resin” on the container however all of the Local Dispensaries are…
  • Mekong Oil – High Grade Aid
    Viridesco Mekong Oil From High Grade Aid – 9/10 Nose: hard to smell oil in a dispenser smells piney spicy – somewhat minty Patron Dispenser Is Amazing Look: absolutely love…
  • Motor Oil – The Gentle Herb
    This was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from The Gentle Herb Motor Oil From The Gentle Herb – 8/10 Nose: really pungent earthy smell bit of pine…
  • Pink Cherry Dragon’s Tears – Just Cannabis
    Pink Cherry Dragon’s Tears From Just Cannabis – 9.25/10 Nose: earthy sour – fruity kind of sour, like a candy floral & flowery Look: pop-top tube with professional style label…
  • Sea Warp Honey Oil (Viridesco) – Just Cannabis
    Viridesco Sea Warp Honey Oil From Just Cannabis – 9/10 Nose: smells very earthy little bit terpy spicy like hash really nice smell mmmm Look: nice pop-top tube w/ professional…


Death Bubba

Maui Wowie


Grape Ape


Acapulco Gold


Death Bubba / Rockstar Kush W.BHO

Mekong Oil

Motor Oil

Pink Cherry Dragons Tears

Sea Warp Honey Oil


BubbleGum OG

Bruce Banner

Vape Pens/Carts:

Kings Kush Disposable Vape Pen – Diamond Concentrates