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Yeti Cannabis

Overview of Yeti Cannabis

Looking around for some more flower to buy lead to Yeti Cannabis having a 30% off sale.

Yeti Cannabis was listed as a newer MoM on the Canadianmom website and it’s always nice to try out the new guys and see what they have to offer.

Looking around at peoples reviews of the product being received from Yeti Cannabis is mostly positive with a few disgruntled customers here and there. It appears as if Yeti does what they can to ensure customer satisfaction which is exactly what you want to see from a company you’re giving your hard earned money to.

Product selection at Yeti Cannabis is a little less than some well established longer running MoMs however there is still a good mix of Flower and Shatter as well as a handful of different types of edibles & even some CBD products.

The order received from Yeti was packaged properly, everything sealed inside mylar bags and vacuum sealed in a bigger bag, then placed inside a box and wrapped with a black-out Canada Post mailer bag. The only concern is the hand written thank you card with the customers first and last name written on it – Please do not put the customers name inside the order box.

There is a point system as well as referral bonuses for people who have friends.

Yeti Cannabis seems like a good place to put your money for good quality product at an affordable price, hopefully they will stick around and load up some more stock.

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