• Blue Dream – WTF!!! Cannabis
    This flower was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from WTF!!! Cannabis. Blue Dream From WTF!!! Cannabis – 7.25/10 Nose: sweet dank forest dusty grease somewhat like a…
  • Copper Chem – WTF!!! Cannabis
    Copper Chem from WTF!!! Cannabis – 9/10 Nose: nice & sour has a somewhat mintiness like cheap dental floss orangey/citrusy when broken open it smells like a dank forest after…
  • Death Bubba – WTF!!! Cannabis
    This flower was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from WTF!!! Cannabis. Death Bubba From WTF!!! Cannabis – 8/10 Nose: farts dusty sawdust cheese slight pine garlicky grease…
  • Mother Of Berries – WTF!!! Cannabis
    Mother Of Berries From WTF!!! Cannabis – 9/10 Nose: dusty, piney scotch tape greasy skunk berries has some sweetness mmmm earthy little bit of cat piss Look: very hard buds…
  • Night Queen – WTF!!! Cannabis
    Night Queen From WTF!!! Cannabis – 9.25/10 This flower was included as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from WTF!!! Cannabis. Nose: piney earthy in a sweet way smells like…
  • Sour Amnesia – WTF!!! Cannabis
    Sour Amnesia From WTF!!! Cannabis – 8.5/10 This Sour Amnesia was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase through WTF!!! Cannabis Nose: sour! citrusy sour & somewhat astringent like…
  • White Buffalo – WTF!!! Cannabis
    This was a “Free Gift” that was included with a purchase from WTF!!! Cannabis. White Buffalo from WTF!!! Cannabis – 9/10 Nose: earthy & dusty fruity & a bit sweet…

Overview of WTF!!! Cannabis – 9/10

The first time hearing about WTF!!! Cannabis was on the Canadianmom forum; the user had submitted the wrong address to WTF!!! which resulted in the package being sent to nowhere, and the user was frustrated by no communication from WTF!!!

Ultimately it was the users fault for providing the wrong address. However WTF!!! Cannabis did pop into the forum to help the customer out -apologized for not seeing the previous emails – and completely reimbursed the customer with credits for the same dollar value. That is top notch customer service!

Marimoko commends WTF!!! Cannabis on the level of commitment and dedication to customer service & satisfaction.

WTF!!! Cannabis‘ website is fairly plain and straight forwards. There are some points to be earned during purchases and a few coupons for free eighths or 15% off etc. There is a dedicated Coupons page and they also show up during checkout just in case you forgot to add one.

The product lineup is fairly large, lots of cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, vape carts, tinctures & mushrooms.

The only notable thing not found on WTF!!! Cannabis website is hashish & kief.

As for referral & review bonuses – they might exist at WTF!!! but there doesn’t seem to be any mention about it. However quality product & great customer service spreads better via word of mouth than it ever does through a cheap shill.

In the order from WTF!!! a note was added indicating that this purchase was made for review and specifically put through because of how the Canadianmom forum customers situation was handled – Not sure if that’s the reason why but instead of 1 free eighth with the first purchase, WTF!!! Cannabis included 5 free eighths – an extra 17.5 grams of flower!!! – WTF!!! indeed!

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