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Top Tier Cannabis

Overview of Top Tier Cannabis

Top Tier Cannabis has been around for a little while now and have been getting a lot of positive reviews from the quality product they have available. Products such as various grades of cannabis flower and concentrates, CBD, carts, brand name edibles like Mary‘s, MOTA, Buudabomb and more.

TTC even has a nice welcome pack for a reasonable price and a few other Top Tier packages are also listed on the site although currently sold out at the time of writing this summary – hopefully some of them come back in stock.

Product that marimoko received from Top Tier Cannabis was sent out in a Canada Post package containing a black fancy TTC box all taped and sealed up that contained a couple bags of flower, a box of shatter, credit card style grinder, nice pack of rolling papers with filters included, full sized BiC lighter and a big-ass sticker. Properly sealed packages and then vacuum sealed to ensure it was scent free of course.

All items were branded with the Top Tier Cannabis logo and the icing on the cake here was the box of shatter contained a quality silicone dab container that you can continue to use indefinitely – (also branded with TTC‘s logo)

Top Tier Cannabis also happens to have a point system and an email referral option for those who have friends and followers. They also have a discord server worth checking out and host giveaways from time to time both on their website and the discord server.

Good reviews and good experiences with TTC would indicate it should be one of the places on your radar to check out if you’re shopping around.