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Toke Club

Overview of Toke Club

I had not heard of Toke Club before however someone from Toke Club contacted me on the CanadianMom forum discord server.

They were looking for someone to review product, specifically edible gummies.

I was appreciative of the offer and accepted, inquiring as to whether I would be able to purchase a little something to throw in with the freebie they were willing to send out.

Got the OK to submit an order and did so for 1/2 oz of Orange Crush flower.

Unfortunately at that time the Toke Club website was not accepting bitcoin for payment (they are now) – so the order was sent out free of charge.

I was asked if I would prefer to receive the gummies or the flower that I put an order in for and my response was essentially “you decide, sent it out and I’ll be happy to review it”

My only request was to include stickers. I feel it’s a nice touch to have company logo stickers and attach them to your bags, throw a couple in for the customers.

Looks like Toke Club was eager to provide customer satisfaction and tossed in half a dozen stickers with the order – just too bad none of them include a company logo.

There is a point system and a sign up bonus for new customers on Toke Club.

The selection of product looks decent and pricing seems fair to low.

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