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Toke And Smoke Shop

Overview of Toke and Smoke Shop

Apparently Toke and Smoke Shop [TSS] has been a registered site since early 2020. However Marimoko had not heard of this MoM until later in the year when TSS reached around and offered to send out a package for review.

In addition to the list of MoMs on this website, there are other lists of verified cannabis shops that Marimoko refers to and TSS was not on the list.

As it turns out the Toke and Smoke Shop was just in the process of getting verified and the sample packages are part of the way they’re trying to get some brand awareness.

The Toke and Smoke Shop website is fairly standard, quick and snappy with a decent selection of cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, and mushrooms. They do seem light on the hash and vacant of vape pens and carts from what I can tell at this time.

Pricing at TSS seems to be pretty decent, there were some cannabis flower 3.5’s priced as low as $16 or so, ounces ranging in the $125 – $150 ish range.

TSS has a referral program (not sure about the details) as well as a point system with 400 points upon account signup ($10).
And there is even a 25% off coupon for new customers ‘TOKE25

The products received from Toke and Smoke Shop took a heck of a long time to show up [thank Canada Post], however when they arrived they were packaged very nicely in multiple mylar bags, three separate vacuum seal bags and everything places inside a proper sized cardboard box that was taped at the seams.

One of the bigger things that stood out from the products received is the branded gear; Toke and Smoke Shop branded rolling papers, credit card cannabis grater, gorgeous blueish green dutch tulip stem, and a weird looking metal pipe that sort of looks like a deflated balloon.

Regardless of whether you have any use for these little trinkets, the fact of the matter is that it costs a large amount of money to get your name branded on something.
To have multiple branded items including pipes and cannabis graters, it tells me that TSS is fully committed to their business and intend to stand by their product and stick around for a long time.

This is a great example of taking feedback constructively and a sign of a committed team:

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