• Blue Cheese – The High Club
    Blue Cheese From The High Club – 8/10 Nose: cheesy sour milk acrid pinch of kushyness somewhat like earthy rotten feet makes me gag slightly from a deep inhale Look:…
  • Tuna Kush – The High Club
    Tuna Kush From The High Club – 8/10 Nose: piney earthy touch of citrus wood/sawdust smells like a dank rotten log forest ever so slight touch of fishyness kind of…
  • ZigZag Hash – The High Club
    This is a gram of hash that came as a “FREE Gift” with a purchase through The High Club ZigZag Hash From The High Club – 6.5/10 Nose: somewhat musty…

Overview of The High Club – 8/10

**Update 26/08/2020** – The High Club has brought prices back down to normal again. They no longer have $85 grams of hash and other strange pricing.

**Update** – The High Club has suddenly increased prices several times over – Yes all MoM’s have been raising prices but THC has gone a little crazy with $90 quarters of cannabis flower and $85 grams of hashish. I do love the product that I received from THC and have had no problems with them in any way however I just can’t condone the cost. – There are still deals & points & coupon codes etc. so it’s still worth checking for price comparison.

The High Club has a lot of great selection and hasn’t let me down on the quality of product that they stock.

There is a point system, I believe it’s for reviews & purchases. There doesn’t seem to be any free gifts or flash sales or anything of that nature.

I find using THC’s website can be a little tricky sometimes – They have a lot of different flower categories so if that’s what you’re after I suggest you take your time checking each one.

Every product that I’ve purchased from The High Club has been incredibly well priced, however just like any other business prices are subjective and go up & down for various reasons so YMMV. They have $85/gram hash – I’m not sure what that’s about.

With the exception of $85 grams of hash, I would highly recommend The High Club for a place to check out your next order.

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