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The Green Ace

Overview of The Green Ace

After having a problem with the a different MoM and posting about it online, I was randomly contacted by The Green Ace who graciously offered to send out a complimentary package – Thank You <3

Never having heard of The Green Ace, I did a little poking around and have come to find they have been around for quite a while and have a really extensive product list.

We’re talking, crazy amounts of cannabis flower, hash, concentrates, carts, CBD, topicals, tinctures, vape pens, mushrooms, accessories and more. They have insane looking quads, $99 ounces and free shipping over $149 as well as a monthly prize giveaway on their website and weekly giveaways in discord.

The Green Ace also has 20% off for new customers, a referral system for people who have friends and points earned for purchases.

Shipping is incredibly fast with the order being placed on a Friday and arriving with the Monday mail run.

All items from The Green Ace were packaged discretely inside mylar bags which were then inserted in a vacuum seal bag which was then inserted in a blackout bag and then put in a cardboard box and taped up. Well done on the packaging.

There was one issue with one of the ounces of flower that was sent so unfortunately it will be unable to get reviewed however all other items appear in good condition and so reviews will be posted as they’re made.

The biggest thing that stands out about The Green Ace is the level of commitment to the product. Yes there was an issue with one of the products sent to me and I immediately notified TGA to advise them of the problem which seems to have been taken seriously. I have no doubt that if this was an order that I had paid for, a replacement would have been no problem at all. However given the circumstances of how this product came to be in my possession, no “compensation” is necessary.

Once again I’d just like to say Thank You to The Green Ace, you guys are awesome!

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