• Champagne Kush – The Gentle Herb
    Champagne Kush From The Gentle Herb – 8/10 Nose: sour & fruity old & musty has a new plastic sort of smell – like new cheap sneakers from wal-mart some…
  • El Jefe – The Gentle Herb
    El Jefe From The Gentle Herb – 8.5/10 Nose: orange/citrus tart like those primary coloured candies you get from a 25¢machine greasy/plasticky a touch dusty Look: good manicure smaller sized…
  • Mandarin Cookies – The Gentle Herb
    Mandarin Cookies From The Gentle Herb – 8.25/10 Nose: pineapple sweet tiny bit of kush nasal pinch smells like cooked pineapple – like spot on Look: looser/shaggier looking buds manicure…
  • Motor Oil – The Gentle Herb
    This was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from The Gentle Herb Motor Oil From The Gentle Herb – 8/10 Nose: really pungent earthy smell bit of pine…
  • Sea Warp – The Gentle Herb
    Sea Warp From The Gentle Herb – 6/10 Nose: bubblegum – juicy fruit bit of cheese or sour milk smell some dusty scent a bit of earthiness Look: hard to…
  • SkunkBerry – The Gentle Herb
    SkunkBerry From The Gentle Herb – 8.25/10 Nose: dusty sweet berries must & very dusty smelling – like an old house or cabin with a thick layer of dust has…

Overview of The Gentle Herb8/10

The Gentle Herb seems to be a smaller operation which specifies that they supply exclusively BC products.

I can’t remember where I first heard of TGH but I think it might have been while I was searching for Sea Warp after purchasing some Viridesco Sea Warp Honey Oil from a different MoM.

TGH’s cozy site and the product called Motor Oil really caught my attention and when an order was placed at the soonest opportunity.

The ordering process was smooth, payment was received quickly however there was no change in status for a while and my order sat in “payment pending” for days.

I reached out for a status update a day or two after placing the order and received my tracking number and the package arrived very quickly.

Products were double packed including a black out bag and vacuum sealed.

As far as points and other things go, I don’t think this MoM has anything like that – there were a few coupon codes that I found online but none of them worked.

When I placed the order, I inquired about a sample of the Motor Oil and The Gentle Herb people were happy to accommodate.

A note about bag appeal;
I don’t know if it’s the bags they use or what but when the package was first opened, all of the mylar bags with flower in them looked brown and old. They had horrible bag appeal when first opened however after inspecting & jarring etc, the flowers are all fine – check the reviews as they’re posted for more details.

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