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Tegridy Farms Cannabis

Overview of Tegridy Farms Cannabis

I found out about TFC from people talking about it online. Supposed to have great bud so of course I needed to get an order in and check it out.

When I saw that they had a neat bundle called the Movie Marathon Cannabis Pack, that’s all I needed to see to put in an order.

The products received seem to be fairly decent quality. I’m not sure if TFC is a new MoM or well established but their website definitely has some errors in it, be aware of that and keep a keen eye.

It looks like the bundles offered can be a pretty good deal depending on what you select as your options.

There is a point system but no freebies or anything.

You can go ahead and try to use ‘TEGRIDY15‘ as a coupon code but when I tried, it didn’t take anything off because it’s not applicable to sale items and literally every item that I wanted – and all flower was on sale, so good luck with that!

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