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Overview of SpeedGreens

If you’re looking around online for MoM’s to order from, SpeedGreens will inevitably pop up in your search.

SpeedGreens appears to have considerably more positive reviews than negative, and any issues that came up during researching SpeedGreens have allegedly been resolved quite satisfactorily.

That being said, signing up for an account and placing an order with SpeedGreens was extremely difficult and several times the entire webpage was closed out of frustration – eventually an order was put in with a different MoM due to all the issues with SpeedGreens website (& chat customer service).

SpeedGreens does have good customer service however it might be best to try emailing directly rather than go through their chat system as the operators in the chat seem to be of little help.

Reaching out to SpeedGreens through the Canadianmom forum seemed to have gotten their attention so another attempt was made at placing an order, yet still met with website errors – at one point receiving a ban from the SpeedGreens website – still not sure what that was about?

A free gift was included for my troubles; SpeedGreens dab mat and Mazar Sharif Hash

If you manage to get an order placed with SpeedGreens you’re not going to be disappointed.

SpeedGreens offer coupon codes and bonuses for first time purchases as well as points and referrals. There is always a sale going on and new product being stocked all the time.

The product received from SpeedGreens was sent in a vacuum sealed bag inside a box – all labeled with cute stickers & in mylar bags as well as child-proof prescription type bottles which is a nice touch.

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