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Shades of Green

Overview of Shades of Green

Shades of Green seems to have sprung up fairly recently and announced themselves on the CanadianMoM forums.

The SoG website seems easy to use with a standard layout that loads quickly and reasonable pricing which is very much appreciated.

There is an offer of free 3.5g of cannabis flower and/or 20% off first purchase with Shades of Green and it appears that the promos stack.

Product selection shows a decent selection of cannabis flower (all quad rated) & a fairly large selection of other products like concentrates, edibles, hash, vape pens/carts, topicals etc.

SoG has been active in the community since they opened and has supplied products to giveaway to lucky winners on discord.

Marimoko.biz was contacted by Shades of Green and offered a sample pack for review and in exchange marimoko provided SoG with a healthy hearty soup recipe.

Product received from SoG was all contained within a vacuum sealed bag inside a blackout bag and then placed inside a bubble mailer and arrived intact & unharmed.

Thank you for the review pack Shades of Green!

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