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Order Weed Online

Overview of Order Weed Online

Order Weed Online.

Isn’t that what we’re all here for?

Well Order Weed Online is the name of a- (I want to saw new but the website registered in 2016) -MoM

OwO Seems like a fairly basic name but also pretty smart when you consider that a lot of people new to ordering cannabis on the internet are going to head to their search engine of choice and type in something like “where to order weed online

So who are OwO and are they legit?

Well I don’t know who they are personally but they are definitely legit.

Order Weed Online contacted me to inquire about any advice for getting things started up and also to see if it would be possible to have some samples reviewed.

After some digging, poking around on the OwO website etc, I provided some advice and the names of a few other reputable reviewers for OwO to send out packages to.

The product selection on the Order Weed Online website appears to be mostly cannabis flower but there are also edibles, a couple of hashes, vape pens and some mushroom edibles as well.

New customers get 20% off as well as a free eighth and a pack of OwO rolling papers and shipping becomes free after the $150 mark.

Pricing on the cannabis varies like anywhere else but appears to be mid-range to high however OwO seems to have regular promotions and deals that can be taken advantage of to bring the cost down a little.

After having a good conversation with the Order Weed Online people, I get the feeling that they seem to genuinely care about the product they sell and aren’t just out to pass off cheap shwag to make a quick buck.

Products from OwO arrived in sealed company branded mylar bags with Integra Boost moisture packets and all items were then vacuum sealed and placed inside a plain cardboard box which was then covered with a standard mailing bag. Very discreet and no smell.

Time will tell of course but I think OwO is definitely worth checking out.

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