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Overview of NextNug

NextNug popped onto the Marimoko radar around spring 2021 with some amazing looking cannabis flowers and fairly heavy community activity and involvement.

Through some discussions it became apparent that NextNug exclusively grows their own cannabis flower for sale which a lot of the other MoM’s don’t do. Huge props to the commitment there.

The NextNug website was recently revamped and now has a loyalty points option which a lot of people really like. It’s always nice to get a bit of a discount)

At the time of writing this there doesn’t appear to be any coupon codes for NextNug but if information on that changes then it will be updated asap.

In addition to the buds, the NextNug website has a nice selection of concentrates, edibles, capsules, a good amount of CBD products and more.

NextNug really seems to care a lot about the product they put forth as well as providing quality products at reasonable prices. They also offer flexible pricing so it never hurts to contact and see if there is any special deal that can be made.

The awesome folks over at NextNug were kind enough to send out a sample of some of their products for review. The product was shipped quickly and arrived with no delays.

Products were sent in sealed mylar bags that were then inserted into a larger NextNug branded bag which was then placed inside a vac-seal bag and then mailed out in a bubble mailer. A little compression happened during shipment but that’s fairly normal unless packed carefully and mailed in a box.

The people at NextNug are available to speak with on discord and it pays to check out what they’re up to. With frequent posts of their growing setups and new products, it’s always cool to see what they’ve got going over there.

Marimoko recommends giving NextNug a try for your next quality purchase, hopefully they stick around for a while.

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