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Overview of MonkeyBudz

MonkeyBudz popped up in the Canadianmom forum somewhat recently with incredible looking deals; $69 ounces of flower and $50 ounces of hash.

All MoM’s on the forum have to get approval and as soon as MonkeyBudz was approved, Marimoko put in an order for one of those crazy cheap sale ounces and a welcome special.

Payment was received and product was mailed out incredibly fast – tracking number provided within an hour and the package showed up at the post office around the same time – incredible.

The product all arrived safely, bagged up in a blackout bag and inserted inside a MonkyBudz logo labeled cardboard box with a couple coffee beans and taped along all the seams.

Everything looks great right out of the box and the $69 Rockstar ounce – while a bit leafy – is an incredible deal for the money.

Free shipping starts at $100 and MonkeyBudz always seems to have some incredible sales going on and they have a wide variety of product including cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, vapes and more.

Monkeybudz also has a referral system for those of you who have friends as well as points that go towards future purchases.

The only notable thing about the experience placing an order with MonkeyBudz is that there was absolutely no freebie included. At the prices they’re selling the product for however, I can understand why they don’t have any free gift offers and to be quite honest, I would rather receive a quality product at a steal of a price than overpay for the same product and have some cheap “gift” tossed in – so well done!

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