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MMJ Express

Overview of MMJ Express

MMJ Express pops up here and there online when looking at different MoM’s and they always seem to have good reviews.

They also seem to be active within the community and have some really nice deals sometimes.

There are lots of coupon codes available for a variety of different things at MMJ Express – I won’t post any here because there are a lot and are readily available on the main page of their website.

One coupon offers a free 3.5G of flower on your first purchase over $50 – I asked if it would be possible to try either Apple or Ketama hash and MMJ Express included 1 gram of Apple Hash instead of the 3.5G of flower.

MMJ Express has a point system and an affiliate program where you can earn 5% commission for referrals.

The product that I received from MMJ Express is top notch and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this MoM to anyone.

Customer service at MMJ Express is absolutely top notch, they went above & beyond to help with a last minute change to an order and included an extra free sample as well! Thank you MMJ Express 🙂

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