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Overview of MailBox Marijuana – 8.75/10

MailBox Marijuana seems to be one of the newer MoMs on the block and so far they’re doing a fantastic job.

They have a very reasonably priced Welcome Package that they call the GoPostal Promo Pack which I would recommend to anyone interested in checking out the type of product being offered while keeping your hard earned funds in your wallet where they belong.

Free shipping is offered on all orders over $99 and there are always sales (seriously sign up for the newsletter) as well as a referral bonus for referring your friends.

There are many products offered on the site including cannabis flowers, extracts and edibles – (it’s one of the first places where I’ve found CannaBuddah available for sale)

They also have organic hand trimmed cannabis flower – your preference of course but craft bud has never let me down.

The people at MailBox Marijuana are very friendly and helpful and active in the community.

I highly suggest checking out MailBox Marijuana before placing your next order.

Use ‘MAILBOX15‘ or ‘DANKBUDS15‘ to get 15% off your first order.

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