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Overview of Local Herb

** Update Feb 15, 2021 **

This is why:

Local Herb sent out 4 samples of cannabis flower for review, 3 of the 4 samples were unsmokeable.

Sometimes issues happen and marimoko likes to give the benefit of the doubt to all, so some inquiries were made with Local Herb to advise them of the issues and get a little bit more understanding of what they are offering.

Local Herb was also claiming that their product is “Made in BC, by some really nice Canadians” however after talking with them about the issues with the products that they sent out, it was made clear that the Cannabis Flower that they have and sold labeled as being “Made in BC” happens to be grown in Ontario.

The first strain I noticed issues with was Pineapple Express – it looked and felt like it was composting, unfortunately images were not able to capture how it felt.

Regardless of that fact, when I mentioned the Pineapple Express issue to Local Herb, they told me that they already knew about it because some of their staff smoked it and thought it was gross so they were pulling it from their website “right now”

Two days later the strain is still listed and has not been taken down.

One of the other strains that Local Herb sent out (Gods Green Crack) had white spots on the outside that were unable to be positively identified – could have been perlite, could have been mold, who knows – it also had black spots that appear to be bugs when broken open.

And yet another strain from Local Herb (Skywalker OG) actually had grey moldy bits tucked inside its sticky resinous flower – very difficult to see but it was very much present.

Mistakes can happen and with a new MoM, it’s entirely possible that a string of bad luck causes problems like this.

Yet in this situation, I feel that Local Herb lied to me in an effort to save face.

Local Herb told me through Discord chat that their flower (particularly the 3 strains that were bunk) came from Ontario – grown and harvested in Ontario which is where Local Herb resides.

I don’t care about where the pot is grown, what I care about is honesty and integrity.

Local Herb put “Made in BC. by some really nice Canadians” on all of their bags, sent me 4 samples and three of the four samples -by their own admission- are from Ontario.

I was told that they only bought a small amount from a small time grower in Ontario and that they have decided to cut that grower off and focus on BC bud exclusively.

This is shady as hell – they knew they were selling Ontario weed in BC bags and they even knew that at least one strain was bunk but continued to sell it even after they told me they were going to pull it from their wesbite.

In addition to that, they also had some website technical issues such as SSL not working properly and no stock limits so you can order 65 ounces of bunk pineapple express and their website glitches and offers it to you for $25 or so.

100% I have screenshots of everything and will attach whatever I need to if anyone tries to call this out as a a hateful attack.

I spoke with Local Herb at length about the concerns and ultimately came to the conclusion that I do not want to receive any more product from them.

Based off of my feelings and shady experience and bunk product from Local Herb, I will never order any product from them.

If I have no intention of ever ordering their products then there is no point in sampling and reviewing them.

Local Herb has been banned from the marimoko discord server.

Here is a copy of the last message sent to Local Herb before they were removed – there was no response as of the time of this post;

Ok so here’s the thing.
I review cannabis products for myself first and foremost.
The fact that I post the stuff and share with the community is secondary, however I do it for a number of reasons.
I like the community and I like to share with them some of the things that I’ve tried and the experiences that I’ve had.
Also partially in hopes that it helps them sift through all the stuff that’s available out there and lets them make a more informed decision when purchasing.
What I don’t want to be known for is shilling product and MoMs.
People who read my reviews know that I don’t BS anyone about anything and products that I review have as low a rating as 0.25/10 – even for a free shillpack product.
If the product sucks and I have smoked/vaped/eaten it – the review will be true and honest and reflect that the product in question sucks.
I don’t hold any grudges to anyone who sent me a poor product and I am not trying to take anyone down or shit on anyone, I post honest reviews of the products themselves.
That being said, a good product is not the only thing that is important to me. I value traits like integrity and honesty.
If there are ever any issues, I do my best to remain impartial and give people the benefit of the doubt.
At this point however, based off of the product that you sent out and the things that you’ve said which don’t quite seem to add up I’m going to have to decline to review any more of your product.
I feel as if you’re not being honest with me and that is something that really rubs me the wrong way.
Being that these reviews are for myself first and foremost – Based on my experiences, I will not be placing an order with LocalHerb whatsoever and I will not be recommending it to anyone.
Since I have absolutely zero intention of ever purchasing your products, there is just no reason for any product to be sent out to me for further review.
It’s unfortunate that it has had to come to this and I do not wish you any ill will at all.
Maybe things will get better for your company and brand going forward, and I sincerely hope that happens for you.
I’ve attached a screenshot of some questions that I had but I don’t really think that any amount of answers will be able to restore my faith in you and your company

Local Herb is another new kid on the block in the MoM game.

Product selection seems varied with a good number of cannabis flower strains and some edibles, vape pens, concentrates, and more.

Local Herb carries Twisted Extracts edbles and Gas Gang vape pens among other name brands.

New customers can get 25% off the first order with coupon code ‘HERB2021’ – So take advantage of the coupon and load up on the devil’s lettuce!

There is no referral option available at the time of writing this blurb however something is in the works for those of you who have friends.

Free shipping starts at $150 worth of merch which isn’t too shabby considering some moms are at $300 or no free shipping no matter how much you spend.

Local Herb had posted a thread on the Canadianmom forum offering samples of cannabis flower for the purposes of review.

The samples Local Herb provided were sent in sealed mylar bags that were inside a vacuum sealed bag which was placed in a box and covered in a blackout bag. Packaging was discrete and had no smells or signs of cannabis anywhere on the outside.