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Overview of King Tuts Cannabis

***Latest King Tut Information***

I recently purchased 5 different ounces from King Tuts Cannabis.

One ounce – the Tom Ford Pink Kush – smelled terrible out of the bag and downright moldy after sitting a few days in a mason jar with a Boveda packet.

No visible bud rot was present but the smell is overwhelmingly potent of mold.

King Tuts Cannabis response was that they package their flower fresh and let their customers dry it out.

What the fuck?

I assumed there was some sort of English isn’t the first language barrier going on here but after some back and forth with their email person named Natasha, it appears they don’t care at all.

Not only do they not care, but they tried to project the blame back towards me for keeping my cannabis flower in a jar with a Boveda packet.

Fuck me right?!I guess I should throw all my jars away because next time I should just leave that bud sitting out and exposed on the coffee table – yeah, that’s totally my bad.

Rather than send out a replacement ounce, they kept trying to insist that I take a discount coupon and spend more money with them on more moldy weed.

After JUST buying 5 ounces in a single order, including the previous orders that I put in and the referral(s) given – as well as the honest reviews of their products – which even resulted in ridicule from others – I think that I’ve proven myself to be a trustworthy customer and not just someone looking to get something for free.

Even though I still have a few other King Tuts Cannabis products that don’t seem contaminated; a mix of flowers and shatters. – I have decided to stop reviewing them.

Based on this level of customer service and moldy product, I will not be purchasing anything from them again.

Since these reviews are first and foremost for myself to refer back to for future purchases, there is no point in going forward here.

If you check various sources online you will find a mixed bag of reviews about King Tuts Cannabis.

One thing that you’ll notice however is two specific sides – absolute downright haters and people who say -like I did- “never had a problem but I’ll deal with it when I do.”

Well I’ve just had a problem and King Tuts Cannabis doesn’t want to deal with it.

Relationship killed.

Listen to the haters, because in this instance – they’re not wrong.

I will be leaving up the previous overview and reviews as a reference however they’re essentially irrelevant since King Tuts Cannabis has decided to sell moldy weed and not stand accountable to their product.

***End of update***

Original Overview:

King Tuts Cannabis is an active member of the marijuana community online and posts regularly on the CanadianMoM forums.

That’s where I found this MoM – posting pictures about how they make their own shatter in house. Not just pictures but some videos as well.

The level of commitment and dedication to a quality product and high level of customer service is unbelievable. King Tuts has a lot of passion for what they do and you just don’t see from most MoMs.

Making their own extracts enables King Tuts Cannabis to offer incredible deals on the product they make and they stand by their quality.

*There have been some community concerns regarding KT quality – marimoko.biz has not experienced any issues so far but will report if there are any problems*

Free gifts are an option with purchase over $99 – you choose the gift with several options.

A $25 referral bonus is available for those who have friends.

King Tuts Cannabis is the only MoM – to date – that has sent out huge cola buds to marimoko. Personal preference clearly applies here but it’s nice to see the real honest bud and not some uniform looking machined cannabis that all happens to be the same rounded off size & shape.

King Tuts Cannabis will definitely be seeing more purchases from marimoko & friends!

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