• Balanced-Hybrid Pre-Roll – King Tuts Cannabis
    This Pre-Roll was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from King Tuts Cannabis – It had no label but appears to match the Balanced-Hybrid Pre-Roll on their website….
  • BubbleGum OG Shatter – King Tuts Cannabis
    BubbleGum OG Shatter From King Tuts Cannabis – 8.5/10 This shatter was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase through King Tuts Cannabis. Nose: not much really.. very light…
  • Dutch Platinum Live Hash – King Tuts
    Dutch Platinum Live Hash From King Tuts Cannabis – 9.75/10 Nose: potent sour & acidic little bit of sweetness tangy – reminiscent of those fluoride gel cups used at the…
  • Sour Diesel – King Tuts
    Sour Diesel From King Tuts Cannabis – 9.25/10 Nose: sour stinky a little bit greasy/plasticky earthy some sweetness has a scotch tape type of scent getting some berry Look: 3…
  • Wedding Crasher – King Tuts Cannabis
    Wedding Crasher From King Tuts Cannabis – 9/10 This was a sample provided by a friend to marimoko.biz – you know who you are – Thanks Again! 🙂 Nose: very…

Overview of King Tuts Cannabis – 8.75/10

King Tuts Cannabis is an active member of the marijuana community online and posts regularly on the CanadianMoM forums.

That’s where I found this MoM – posting pictures about how they make their own shatter in house. Not just pictures but some videos as well.

The level of commitment and dedication to a quality product and high level of customer service is unbelievable. King Tuts has a lot of passion for what they do and you just don’t see from most MoMs.

Making their own extracts enables King Tuts Cannabis to offer incredible deals on the product they make and they stand by their quality.

*There have been some community concerns regarding KT quality – marimoko.biz has not experienced any issues so far but will report if there are any problems*

Free gifts are an option with purchase over $99 – you choose the gift with several options.

A $25 referral bonus is available for those who have friends.

King Tuts Cannabis is the only MoM – to date – that has sent out huge cola buds to marimoko. Personal preference clearly applies here but it’s nice to see the real honest bud and not some uniform looking machined cannabis that all happens to be the same rounded off size & shape.

King Tuts Cannabis will definitely be seeing more purchases from marimoko & friends!

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