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Just Cannabis

Overview of Just Cannabis

Just Cannabis is an interesting MoM.

I was originally going to place an order through their site a little over a while back, however I was having some issues and decided not to place an order.

A week or two went by and Just Cannabis sent me an email asking why I hadn’t placed an order. Now I know this is an automated email sent out if someone leaves the site with a full cart however I felt that I needed to respond.

Hi Happy 420!

I don’t think you really expected a response back to this but since you’re asking, the reason why I haven’t ordered anything from your site is simply because I feel duped and even though it’s nothing major, it just gives me a bad taste in my mouth and makes me wonder if it will happen in other ways.

What I’m referring to is your website stating that there is a “sign-up bonus of $20 & free shipping” no term/conditions/asterisks etc to point out that there are special conditions, simply says if I sign up, I’ll get $20 credit and free shipping – well I did sign up and found out that there’s a minimum purchase in order to use those two offers.

I completely understand needing a minimum purchase, that’s fair. But when there’s no mention of it in your advertisement and I only find out by signing up and providing you with my info, that feels wrong.

I really want to try that Viridesco Dragons Tears but I’ve had bad experiences with extracts in the past and I was excited when I saw your free shipping & $20 off, thought it would be a good opportunity to try that extract without forking out too much money and end up getting burnt (again) but then I sign up and find out I need to spend more.

Anyway, that’s why I haven’t ordered – I feel like I was tricked into signing up with a promise that came with conditions that were not originally specified.

I’ve attached a screenshot of your website where it shows what I’m referring to.

Thanks, stay safe & happy 420!

My Email Response To Just Cannabis

Am I a little anal-retentive about things like this? – Probably yes.

So I mulled it over and decided to place an order for two Viridesco products shortly after I sent that email.

I checked multiple sites and Just Cannabis was by-far the lowest price on the oils so I couldn’t resist.

Since receiving my shipment, I referred a friend to JC. My friend placed an order for well over $400 in items (I went in for Sour Tangie with him) and yet there was no referral bonus given to me from Just Cannabis. Should be $30.

I waited 5 days after my friends order was received to give JC enough time to apply my referral bonus and when they didn’t, I went to their website and spoke with the chat fellow who advised me nothing he/she can do – send an email.

After sending an email, I did receive a coupon code for $30 off however I have not placed another order through JC and I’m unsure if this coupon would stack with any others – like say a second or third referral bonus. I will update this page if I ever find out. *Update* The coupon DOES stack with other coupons (still not sure how they handle multiple referrals though)

The Sour Tangie that my friend and I received is absolutely not Sour Tangie.

Sour Tangie is one of my absolute favourite strains and I will occasionally go out of my way to purchase some from local dispensary shops sold by big LP’s like Tweed and Aurora.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that the bud sent to us is not Sour Tangie. It’s really good stuff – but it has absolutely zero citrus/tangerine/gas/diesel smell and taste. It looks and smells virtually identical to Mango that I received from Budem.

I don’t know if Just Cannabis is aware of this or not but I will be notifying them after I have reviewed and posted results of the products.

I would recommend Just Cannabis with the understanding that you’ll get good bud but maybe not receive the exact strain that you paid for.

They do have a sign-up bonus of $20 & referral bonuses (if you can get them) and review bonuses, give-aways & flash sales. They also have some really crazy low prices sometimes.

Overall my experience wasn’t necessarily bad, but not overly positive either.

*Update* – I contacted JC to advise them of my concerns, they are going to bring the issue up with their supplier and offered a credit for the product. They absolutely have great customer service, that’s for sure! A+

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