• Black Cherry Soda – Hillside Pharms
    Black Cherry Soda From Hillside Pharms – 8.25/10 Nose: purple carrots earthy sweet & musty tangy strong peppery spice greasy & farty sort of has a tingly smell Look: big…
  • Jager – Hillside Pharms
    Jager From Hillside Pharms – 9.25/10 Nose: gas/diesel – petroleum grease plasticky rubber earthy underlying sweetness with some sour tones almost smells sugary getting a greasy pine when broken open…
  • Purple Ayahuasca – Hillside Pharms
    This flower was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from Hillside Pharms. Purple Ayahuasca From Hillside Pharms – 7.5/10 Nose: greasy fairly strong clear packing tape smell earthy…

Overview of Hillside Pharms – 7.75/10

The first thing to know about Hillside Pharms (or HSP as they’re known) is that they only open registration periodically so if registration is closed, you will have to wait until it’s manually opened again before signing up & placing an order.

Product selection at HSP seems to be tailored towards higher end craft & small batch type product.

There are a number of different extracts and carts, edibles, tinctures available and not all of them carry the kind of premium price tag that you would expect.

Pricing at HSP is across the board on product but seems to be very reasonable for the quality.

Packaging was good with flower being inside mylar bags and hash wrapped in parchment then inserted inside a glass jar. All products were then vacuum sealed and mailed out in a taped up box w/ standard Canada Post mailer bag over top. Very discrete.

Hillside Pharms occasionally has coupon codes and sales as well as a referral bonus that’s available if you have friends.

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