• Death Bubba/Rockstar Kush W.BHO – High Grade Aid
    Viridesco Death Bubba/Rockstar Kush W.BHO From High Grade Aid – 8.75/10 Nose: smells earthy somewhat dirty light touch of pine scent has a bit of a kush smell to it…
  • Mekong Oil – High Grade Aid
    Viridesco Mekong Oil From High Grade Aid – 9/10 Nose: hard to smell oil in a dispenser smells piney spicy – somewhat minty Patron Dispenser Is Amazing Look: absolutely love…

Overview of High Grade Aid – 8/10

I heard about HGA through various sources online, consistently good bud and what have you. So when I saw that they had a deal on some Viridesco oils, I jumped on it.

The processing time was extremely fast and my shipment was received within a week. Packaging is extremely discrete in a bubble mailer with not even a receipt or packing label included inside.

There was nothing extra included at all, just the two products ordered.

High Grade Aid does seem to have a point system and a $25 referral bonus as well, but as far as I can tell no free gifts or anything of that nature.

Use coupon code ‘welcomefreeshipping’ to get free shipping on your first order over $75

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