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Overview of HappyClouds

HappyClouds have been operational for a few months and recently contacted me through discord to offer some samples for review.

Checking out the HappyClouds website reveals around a dozen cannabis flower varieties, some edibles, concentrates, small selection of hash etc. – A nice variety of products available.

There is a $20 discount for new members as well as a $20 referral program for anyone who has friends. HappyClouds also has a point system where you can earn points from purchases and use later on for discounts.

Pricing on HappyClouds seems quite reasonable however (at the time of writing this overview) there are some discrepancies with the cost of their flower. They seem to have frequent sales so keep an eye out.

There are also some aspects of the HappyClouds website that are still default generic settings including some pre-filled out template material which still needs to be adjusted and corrected. (I advised them of some of these concerns when I noticed so hopefully they’ll be addressed)

Bottom line really is that these guys have really nice bud and while the pricing may not seem to add up, it’s still quite reasonable and down right a steal for the quality of the product.

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