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Greens And Goods

Overview of Greens And Goods

Greens And Goods is a newer MoM on the block.

At the time of writing this overview, there is nothing but bulk cannabis flower listed on their website. – Greens and Goods now offers a range of product weights from 3.5 grams on upward – this is fantastic news because they have some fire-ass shiz and not everyone buys QP’s at a time

Greens And Goods has fair pricing for what they offer, there doesn’t seem to be any ultra cheap budget buds listed but nothing exorbitantly priced either.

GNG reached around to marimoko to advise of their offerings and send out some samples for review.

The product received from Greens And Goods was shipped discreetly with the cannabis flower being sealed inside mylar bags including Integra Boost packets all vacuum sealed to ensure no scent leak.

For some reason there was also a little GNG branded burlap sack full of approximately 1 – 2 Tbsp of coffee beans sitting in the box next to the vacuum sealed package which caused a bit of a laugh.

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