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Overview of GrassCove

Who is GrassCove?

Well they’re a fairly new Ontario-based MoM that seems to have a decent looking mid-sized selection of cannabis products and they also offer same-day delivery in the Greater Toronto Area!

GrassCove has a nice range of cannabis flower and hash to choose from as well as a small selection of edibles, concentrates and at the time of writing this overview; one honest looking mushroom chocolate piece

According to the GrassCove website, the cannabis flower is grown in BC

The GrassCove website looks to be pretty light, perhaps hastily setup and could definitely use some polishing, but seems to be sufficient and does have some helpful features like a chat option if you have any questions or concerns

Marimoko found GrassCove early in the 2021 year when they were being trolled by some people just looking for free weed on the CMOM discord server and after giving them a heads up as to what’s going on and some discussion; a sample pack was eventually sent out for review

Products arrived in individual mylar bags with sticker labels applied, they were all grouped into a larger mylar bag with a single haphazardly placed GrassCove sticker on it which was then slid into a sealed vac-seal bag and then the whole package inserted into a plain manila bubble mailer envelope that was taped up and mailed out

There is a 10% off coupon available to new customers at GrassCove just use “FIRST10” – I don’t believe there are any referral bonuses but if that information changes it will be posted here – and while E-transfer is the standard payment option, I was advised that crypto payments are available on orders of $400 and above; you’ll just have to reach around to the GrassCove team to get that done

They have started their own discord server and are giving away product to the community which is a really nice thing to do <<<– click this link to join the GrassCove discord server!

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