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Overview of GanjaWest

GanjaWest has been around for a while, they were one of the top advertisements on the Canadianmom forum and offered discounts to forum members.

They have some really nice product and equally as important, great customer service.

GanjaWest has a very nice selection of cannabis products at reasonable prices. Everything from flower to budder to edibles, carts, distillates & topicals, etc. It seems like there’s no end to the stock that GW carries.

You can get a free eighth of flower on your first purchase and there are also a few coupon codes available. GanjaWest also has the standard referral bonus if you happen to have friends.

All items arrived packaged in vacuum sealed bags and discrete packaging with no trace of cannabis scent.

One order arrived with extremely leaky budder and GanjaWest was quick to take care of the situation very effectively.

GanjaWest definitely has the product, price & willingness to help out & ensure customer satisfaction so they will be seeing more business from marimoko & friends!

**Update** Aug 22, 2020 –

GW allegedly promoted moldy weed as premium product and sent it out to at least a few people.
Afterwards GW appeared to be ghosting everyone trying to get in contact with them over this issue.
Several days later a statement was issued advising the moldy product was removed from their product lineup.
This was all witnessed on the Canadianmom discord server by marimoko.biz

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