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Entourage Edibles

Overview of Entourage Edibles

Marimoko first noticed Chef Spark’s Entourage Edibles on the CMOM discord server sometime mid to late 2020 when a wild package of THC bacon suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Following a link to a pastebin site revealed a whole host of hand made THC edibles. We’re talking Bacon, Biscuits, Gummies, Moon Pies, Chocolate Truffles, and a bunch of other stuff with a menu that varies from time to time depending on what Chef Spark is in a mood for.

Of course that link was bookmarked for future reference and pulled out more than a few times to give to anyone looking for real gourmet hand made edibles.

There is an interesting read on the Entourage Edibles discord server about how Chef Spark first got into edibles which is very touching and worth checking out.

Every time someone posts an image of the edibles they received from Entourage, it’s nothing but praise and puddles of drool.

The products look incredibly well made and hand crafted with a lot of care and pride.

As luck would have it, dankrolla of marimoko.biz won an incredible Entourage Edibles 420 prize pack of edibles and more! (image below) – Thanks Chef Spark!

The products received were packed with care and sealed appropriately, shipped in a sturdy box and arrived in good time. Everything looks fresh and really well made, some of this stuff looks like it belongs in a fancy organic grocery store with a really high price tag on it.

After receiving the products, they have been stored in the refrigerator until review time – hopefully this doesn’t affect them in a negative way.

Click here to go to the Entourage Edibles Discord Server

420 Prize Pack – WoW!