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Dispensary Near Me Now

Overview of Dispensary Near Me Now

Dispensary Near Me Now (DNMN) has been around for a few months and is recently under new ownership.

DNMN mostly carries tuna canned cannabis flower, but they also have a nice selection of edibles and concentrates, vape carts, CBD and mushrooms.

DNMN has a special offer where if you spend a minimum of $50 on product, you can get a sampler package worth $200 included on your first order for free.

This is how I came to hear about them as they were mentioning this deal on the Canadianmom discord server.

So I reached around to DNMN and inquired about the possibility of a sample package for review which they were happy to send out. Thank you!

Unfortunately for DNMN there were some issues with batches of Dreamy Delites edibles that were sent out and at least one problem with a strain of cannabis flower.

A lot of people took to the internet to really make fun of the horrible looking edibles that they received which in all honesty was pretty brutal looking.

Issues can happen with products however, it’s really how they’re handled that makes a difference. It seems obvious to me that DNMN has good intentions and genuinely thought they had a great edible product because they quickly turned to the community to apologize and offer credits to everyone who received the sample package.

At the time of writing this description, DNMN’s sample package has changed to remove the Dreamy Delites edibles and rather include 4x 7 gram tuna cans of cannabis flower. This is an amazing deal that everyone should take advantage of.

I spoke with some people involved in running DNMN and they really seem to care about providing a quality product so it’s quite unfortunate to have such a bumpy start. However they are looking to make some changes and try to ensure that these issues don’t come up again and that is commendable.

I would definitely recommend ordering from DNMN to receive the sample package they include with your order and check out what they have to offer (now that the offensive edibles are removed that is)

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