• BC Kush Outdoor – CAMMP
    BC Kush Outdoor From CAMMP – 8/10 Nose: sweet & earthy somewhat hayish definitely has that kush nasal pinch but pretty subdued honey/bee pollen sweet grass plasticky/rubber like a burnt…
  • Citrix Skunk – CAMMP
    This product is labeled as “Citrix” on the CAMMP website, however the product received was labeled “Citrix Skunk” Citrix Skunk From CAMMP – 9/10 Nose: very musty & dusty lemony…
  • Super Silver Haze – CAMMP
    Super Silver Haze From CAMMP – 9/10 Nose: sweet & fruity a little mushroomy & earthy smells like lightly fermenting fruit & scotch tape has a bit of a plasticky…

Overview of CAMMP – 7.25/10

Canadian Affordable Medical Marijuana Products – the long name for CAMMP has an ad on the canadianmom forum page offering 30% off for new customers with coupon code ‘CMOM30‘. There is also a point system in place where you can earn points for purchases & redeem the points for discounts at a later date.

Unable to find information about review incentives and/or referral bonuses.

There are a number of online reviews showing CAMMP to be a reputable MoM that offers quality product.

For some reason when an order was placed through CAMMP, no confirmation emails were sent out – order paid for & all but no communication from CAMMP until 16hrs later.

There is absolutely no response through their chat app on the website – unsure as to why it’s even there. Tried contacting Sarah Taylor multiple times over two separate days and no response at all. … Until 4 days after the order was paid for and while perusing the CAMMP website, Miss Taylor suddenly asked for the order number in question.

Attempts to contact CAMMP through canadianmom forum were made as well but ignored.

Seems CAMMP lacks communication but seems to still get the job done. The order was received in a timely manner & all items were accounted for.

CAMMP has an option to have your cannabis flower packages in jars with moisture packets – for an additional fee. Having an option is a nice touch.

The order received through CAMMP was packaged in a rigid plastic container with rubber seal & side latches which is really nice & reusable. All product was individually sealed & placed into a larger vacuum seal bag together.

If you don’t mind having zero communication through the whole ordering process then CAMMP is worth checking out – just don’t make any mistakes on your order or it might be tricky to fix later.

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