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Buy Weed Packs

Overview of Buy Weed Packs

So who is Buy Weed Packs and where did they come from?

Beats me really. They’re extremely new with a very generic sounding name – site registered December 23rd 2020 – (Merry Xmas friends!)

They reached around on discord to specifically offer out a small sample pack for review.

Buy Weed Packs seems like a mish-mash of a few different MoM’s and my guess would be that it’s either run by someone who already owns/ran a MoM or two or by someone who has been hanging around in the community for a while.

BWP offers free shipping on orders starting at $99 and currently have a limited selection of products available at somewhat average pricing.

They have a Grand Opening Discount of a whopping 10% off if you use the coupon code “GO10” but hurry up because it’s only on until March 21, 2021 …?

A card was included with the package indicating that points can be earned for reviews.

The three small packages of cannabis from BWP were mailed out in unsealed mylar bags that then had handwriting covered up with a paper printed label on one side and an interesting looking cyclops weed logo sticker on the other. The bags were then placed inside a sealed vac seal bag which was placed in a box with tissue paper, taped and mailed out.

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