• Bruce Banner Shatter (Lit Extracts) – Buy My Bud
    Lit Extracts Bruce Banner Shatter From Buy My Bud – 9/10 Nose: absolutely nothing smelling the soap that I used to wash my hands – not getting anything from the…
  • Bud Edibles Gummies – Buy My Bud
    Bud Edibles Variety Pack From Buy My Bud – 6/10 Nose: smells awesome & fruity like a fruit punch slushy drink Look: mylar bag – somewhat medical looking sticker attached…
  • Cali Bubba – Buy My Bud
    Cali Bubba From Buy My Bud – 7/10 Nose: pine & dust very piney has an astringent kush type smell musty & dusty – almost makes you cough from a…
  • Gorilla Glue #4 – Buy My Bud
    Gorilla Glue #4 From Buy My Bud – 8.5/10 Nose: hay/straw glue …. seriously like white glue smell dry grass somewhat of a kush nasal pinch spice/pepper kind of freezer…
  • Moroccan Hash – Buy My Bud
    Moroccan Hash From Buy My Bud – 8/10 Nose: spice sweet chocolate horse manure earthy/dirty very much like a barn Smoked In A Glass Pipe Look: brownish solid square cut…
  • Pink Death – Buy My Bud
    Pink Death From Buy My Bud – 6.5/10 Nose: plastic greasy drywall dusty gassy/diesely touch of the acrid kush nasal pinch Look: decently manicured little popcorn nugs frosty mint green…
  • Starter Kit Plus – Buy My Bud
    $99 Starter Kit Plus From Buy My Bud I ordered a Starter Kit Plus from Buy My Bud April 29th and received my package May 4th. Very fast processing &…
  • Thunder Joint – Buy My Bud
    Thunder Joint From Buy My Bud – 7/10 Nose: peachy sort of spicy & alcoholic – like bay rum cologne very earthy when held up to the nose Look: this…
  • Wedding Cake – Buy My Bud
    Wedding Cake From Buy My Bud – 8/10 Nose: grass hay/straw earthy like dirt musty and old like an unused or abandoned cabin touch of pepper Look: two big seeds…

Overview of Buy My Bud – 8.5/10

Now I could be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure that BMB is the same guys as Budem. If not, then they have pretty much copied Budem’s website and products and seem to be priced competitively with Budem as well. I also get the newsletter for both sites and they’re both sent from someone with the same name both of whom are located in New Westminster.

Regardless of whether or not BuyMyBud is the same people as Budem, these guys rock!

They have points, gifts, flash sales, referral & review bonuses, coupon codes, welcome packs, a huge variety of flower strains as well as edibles, concentrates, topicals and more.

Use the following coupons:

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Coupons require minimum $50 purchase.

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