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Bhang Bhang

Overview of Bhang Bhang

Bhang Bhang has been around for a little while and their name pops up every now and again when discussing various things in the world of online cannabis.

Product selection with Bhang Bhang appears to be pretty stellar; we’re talking lots of cannabis flower, concentrates such as hash, budder, shatter, diamonds, resins, etc. There are edibles and mushrooms and accessories, the list just goes on.

They carry brand name products as well which is usually a good sign of a reputable MoM – those brands include but are not limited to: Chef’s Treats, Twisted Extracts, Elite Elevations, Juicy Jays, Auric Gold Glass and more!

Marimoko had actually made a purchase from Bhang Bhang sometime around mid-2020 however unfortunately the products did not make the cut for reviews at the time – not because there was anything wrong with them but rather that sample packs from other sources suddenly came flooding in and received priority service for reviews.

Bhang Bhang has a referral program that simply requires you to add a note in the order to let them know who referred you – the bonus is $25 – in addition, there is a new user coupon for 20% off use coupon code “BHANG20

To add to that, Bhang Bhang also has a point system (get 420pts for signing up for their newsletter) and they also have a neat promotion going where if you collect so many of their stickers you can get a freebie; check out the specifics here.

Bhang Bhang reached around on the CanadianMom forums to offer a sample package for review to Marimoko (and most likely a few other reviewers) – included in the sample package was a Cambodian Albino mushroom. Incredibly amazing look.

Marimoko received great service and quality products when placing an order directly as a “nobody” and would absolutely recommend Bhang Bhang to anyone looking for a great one-stop shop MoM.

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