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Overview Of Beevoke

** Update Feb 22, 2021 **


This is why:

Beevoke has been using the same images for their products that OCS uses.

They were called out for it on Reddit as well as for pulling bait n switch.

Generally it isn’t a good idea to hold some random redditors comment up as the holy grail however this user had screenshots that indeed looked legit so I started digging.

Here is a link to the original reddit post.


This is what I was able to find out after poking around:

Beevoke also used duplicate images for AAA and AAAA rated cannabis.

I mentioned this to a user on the Canadianmom forum but Beevoke said it was unintentional and they were going to get things fixed.

Beevoke used at least one OCS bud image and that image had been uploaded to their website Sept 2020

I linked the reddit users post on the Canadianmom forum and added some additional questions for Beevoke as you can see here.

Beevoke replied.

You can also see my response to Beevoke on the Canadianmom Forum here.


Beevoke had some excuses and said they were working on things and reaching around to the customer who made the complaint.

I checked the Beevoke website and saw that the offending OCS image has been replaced with a different image (good!) however the bud in the image they used is actually listed for two separate products on their website.

This is the first complaint that I made about Beevoke – TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE ACTUAL PRODUCT YOU’RE SELLING – DO NOT USE THE SAME GENERIC BUD IMAGE FOR (AAA) AND (AAAA) – rotating the cannabis flower and taking a shot from a different angle DOES NOT COUNT AND ACTUALLY MAKES YOU APPEAR MORE SKETCHY THAN BEFORE!!!

For the forseeable future, Marimoko does not recommend anyone purchase from Beevoke as who the hell knows what you’re even ordering or what you’re going to receive.

This is beyond amateur hour over here.


Here are some of the relevant screenshots:

Beevoke is another relatively newer contender in the MoM game having been around almost a year now.

There is lots of selection on the Beevoke site, with cannabis flower, concentrates, hash, edibles topicals and more.

Pricing seems to vary and it appears that a lot of items on the site have different grades of quality to choose from.

The Beevoke website doesn’t seem to function at 100% for me at the time of writing this description so hopefully that gets resolved soon.

There is a 20% off coupon for new customers if you sign up for Beevokes newsletter, totally worth doing.

Doesn’t look like Beevoke has a referral program at this time so tell your friends to suck it.

I initially heard of Beevoke from some passing talk during summer 2020 but didn’t pay it any mind until a user in the Canadianmom forum was asking if anyone had any experience with them.

Beevoke reached around and offered to send out some samples for review.

Products from Beevoke arrived in a strange state – box within a box with plastic cling wrap film and stickers everywhere, there was a gigantic unsealed bubble mailer included inside, tissue paper.. it was definitely a different package that’s for sure.

Really what matters is that it was discreet and there were no scents noticeable.

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