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Overview of ACMedical

Who is ACMedical?

Apparently ACMedcal is one of the first places in Canada to be doing the whole MoM thing and after encountering a few bumps along the road, they went private member only.

Well now they’re back and open to the public.

ACMedical has a long history with some old school users who not only vouch for them but also claim this MoM has some of the crème de la crème of cannabis strains and real hashish. There were even whispers that ACMedical supplies more than a few of the other MoM’s out there, although I have nothing to back up that claim.

Perusing the ACMedical website shows a number of different flower strains, concentrates, topicals, edibles, capsules, vapes, a small selection of hash and other products.

A conversation was struck with ACMedical and I was able to learn that they work with at least one grower directly and only carry organic growth strains of cannabis which is fantastic.

I was also informed that some of the edibles that are carried on ACMedical are made by a Red Seal chef – truly amazing.

After speaking with ACMedical, it was very evident that they care a great deal about the product that they put forth and they graciously agreed to send out a package for review – Thank You!

From The “About Us” Section of ACMedical.shop:

AC Medical Group (now Air Cannabis Collective) was originally founded and started operating in Canada’s grey market space in 2014. Our humble beginnings started with connecting MMAR licensed producers to the newly established and flourishing medical cannabis dispensary scene so that the producers could help the dispensaries keep up with high quality medical cannabis and products.   Supplying fresh flower and other cannabis products to Karuna Health Foundation, Green Rhino Medical Cannabis Centre, RedMed, The Healing Tree, Sea to Sky Health Foundation, Sunrise Wellness, The Green Cross Society, WeeMed/Limelife the largest M.O.M. Herbal Dispatch, established the principles of the Air Cannabis Collective as some of the best procurers of cannabis in BC and by default, the world.  Along with those many connections to some of British Columbia’s best cannabis growers, A.C.C. produces its own name branded “Air Cannabis Collective” flower and bubble hashes which are considered true quads by any connoisseur.
There was a huge outpour of support and demand for Air Cannabis Collective flower and products and too be able to buy directly, rather than through third party brick and mortar dispensary.  It was decided it was time to enter the online retail space and open www.aircannabis.ca in February 2016 so that we could serve patients and provide top quality products at better prices than the alternatives.  Unfortunately, in October 2016 the popularity of Air Cannabis.ca attracted the attention of the Air Canada Marketing and Communications department.  They informally asked that we change our logo as they had been building brand loyalty for many years. We did not want to proverbially “rock the boat” too much, so the best course of action to make sure our members would continue to receive AAAA quality service with no unnecessary interruptions, was to agree and re-brand. www.acmedical.ca went live in December 2016.   AC Medical.ca was a huge success and made tens of thousands of completed orders to many happy members all over Canada between 2016-2019.  Our success is based on the fact that we are suppliers too many of the other grey market providers across Canada. We get better deals, are very efficient and because of that, are able to pass quality and savings down to our valued members!
In December 2019, the original domain, www.acmedical.ca was affected by the industry wide disruption of service to M.O.M. ‘s that had a .ca domain.  After the domain disruption, we rebranded again and also slightly changed our model so that our new site was a private, members only site.   Due to popular demand from members who were not able to join our private site back in Jan 2020, we decided that re-opening AC Medical to the public is the best course of action.  AC Medical’s mission is to provide people with fair access to the cannabis and cannabis products that help them with the many medical conditions that cannabis assists with, at fair prices.  Our pricing structure is allows people to use the amount of medicine they need without having to dedicate too many resources or having to ration and conserve their much needed medicine.  We work directly with craft producers and due to our long history in the industry, source the best product, at the best prices and pass any savings we can along to you!

ACMedical Website

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