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LA Confidential Shatter From Top Tier Cannabis

Nose: no surprise there’s no scent when it’s all packaged up and unopened once everything is opened up and the shatter is out there’s no noticeable smells held right up to the nose it has a somewhat sour scent of a freshly mixed batch of drywall mud pretty sure the silicone container is what’s causing… Read More »LA Confidential Shatter From Top Tier Cannabis

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Rick & Morty Medicated Nerds Rope 600mg THC

This edible was provided by a friend who obtained it from his neighbour. The origin is unknown but it looks like the same thing that’s floating around a bunch of the MoM’s sites. I’m pretty sure this is a distillate sprayed or dipped candy with fancy packaging purchased from dhgate or alibaba or something similar.… Read More »Rick & Morty Medicated Nerds Rope 600mg THC

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UK Blue Cheese From CAMMP

Check out more reviews of CAMMP products here Nose: extremely lemon scented smells a lot like a Red Congo or other very lemon/citrus strain sour and slightly earthy tickles the back of the throat on a deep inhale not getting anything remotely cheesy smelling somewhat creamy when ground up – like lemon custard Look: kind… Read More »UK Blue Cheese From CAMMP

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Jamaican Dream From CAMMP

Check out more reviews of CAMMP products here Nose: sour and earthy a bit of a citrus scent that leans towards a lemon cleaning product kind of a dried play-doh at the bottom of an old wooden toy chest aroma almost smells like the little bit of milk left in the bottom of a milk… Read More »Jamaican Dream From CAMMP

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Zombie Kush From BC Cann Co

Check out more reviews of BC Cann Co products here. Nose: dirty and earthy beach sand and reeds hints of peach..? sort of an old hot junkyard car interior just a tiny bit citrusy like an old dirty dried up orange peel little bit greasy when squeezed touch of pine when busting it up Look:… Read More »Zombie Kush From BC Cann Co

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