Beware Of Scammers

Unfortunately there are some bad egg’s out there who are just trying to take advantage of people.

This page is devoted to the known scammers that I have personally encountered.

Hopefully this remains a short list.

– Appears to no longer be around – thank goodness.

  • I ordered a seed from this site April 2020
  • My order was taken and payment was accepted
  • I did not hear anything back from the company since then
  • I sent an email a few days after payment was received; no response
  • Upon checking their website I found info stating that it could be up to 8 weeks before processes an order and ships it out
  • I never received my order and at this time -July 5 2020- the website seems to be down /

– Buymyweedonline was either hacked and don’t care or sold their customer information to

  • April 2020 – signed up for email alerts on BMWO website using a custom exclusive email address ending in “+BWO”
  • Sept 2020 – received email from using the “+BWO” email address that was only used at
  • spoke with the chat people at and they refused to look into the issue
    • BMWO claims to only operate one website and did not sell or leak data yet they will not look into the concern unless they are provided with my email address
    • email address was not provided to BMWO due to concerns that it will only facilitate their efforts in selling customer data more efficiently in the future

In the event of a system or data breach, there should be a serious investigation launched – the fact that Buymyweedonline adamantly refused to do anything at all until I provided them with my email address tells me all I need to know.

I believe it was an intentional sale of customer data rather than being hacked however I have no proof of how the information wound up in’s hands so my opinion is mere speculation.