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Overview of Buy My Bud – 9.5/10

Now I could be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure that BMB is the same guys as Budem. If not, then they have pretty much copied Budem’s website and products and seem to be priced competitively with Budem as well. I also get the newsletter for both sites and they’re both sent from someone with the same name both of whom are located in New Westminster.

Regardless of whether or not BuyMyBud is the same people as Budem, these guys rock!

They have points, gifts, flash sales, referral & review bonuses, coupon codes, welcome packs, a huge variety of flower strains as well as edibles, concentrates, topicals and more.

Use the following coupons:

FLOWER10OFF’ to get $10 off cannabis flower

‘BUD20OFF’ to get $20 off your entire order

‘100POUND’ to get $100 off a pound

‘VAPE20OFF’ to get 20% off vape products

‘BUDEDIBLES20OFF’ to get 20% off edibles

Coupons require minimum $50 purchase.