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About Me

I am a cannabis enthusiast and long-time user of cannabis products and have started this site so that I have a safe place to post my reviews and information.

There are lots of reviews on different marijuana strains and other cannabis related products, so the reason that I chose to do my own was simply because I need a way to keep track of everything I’ve been smoking, and to make it easier on myself to try to remember which strains I prefer and which ones I don’t.

I also like to keep track of the different Canadian mail order marijuana (MoM) companies that I order from and rate my experience using their services.

Everyone experiences cannabis differently and I like the idea of having my own reference as to what’s what and how it affects me.

There will also be some interesting posts such as making bubble hash, & testing glass cleaners etc.

Sometime in the near future, there may be podcasts added to the site.

Testing Methodology

There are nearly unlimited ways in which one can personally use their cannabis products. I am unable to account for everyone’s preference.

I like to be clear-headed and sober when I try the products, not groggy from waking up or coming down from the high of another strain.

When I test cannabis products, I do so as my first smoke of the day however these are not ‘wake and bakes’ as a lot of people enjoy doing, and that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a wake and bake now and then.

Unless otherwise specified, cannabis flower will be rolled into a joint, hash will be smoked in a pipe, extracts will be dabbed and edibles will be eaten.

I use a notebook and take notes and pictures while I’m reviewing these products. Then I come back later and upload the information to the website. A big reason why I do this is for personal records – when you smoke 500 strains, how do you remember if that really kick-ass stuff you had that time was Pink Death, Pink Kush or Pink Bubba – just as an example.

In addition to the multiple ways people can consume their cannabis products, there are also a number of different things each person looks for in a strain. eg) stickiness, big buds, stems, leafy, dense, smell, moisture content, colour, sparkle, etc. However I can’t rate literally everything so I note down the information that seems important or noteworthy.

I do my best to rate these products honestly and to the best of my ability. Everyone experiences cannabis differently and while one person might get absolutely wrecked, another person might feel nothing at all and as such, these reviews are very much a personal experience and your results may vary.

Use the contact page to let me know if there is anything that you would like me to test for – perhaps I’m missing something important, I’d like to hear peoples comments.

I fund this website and purchase these products out of my own pocket with no compensation.
Once in a while there may be a free gift included with an order but if any product is provided for free, it does not change my opinion of it or how it is reviewed and any such information will be fully disclosed.
If you would like to sponsor the site or provide product samples for review please visit the contact page and submit a form.

This website is intended for educational purposes only.