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LA Confidential Shatter From Top Tier Cannabis

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  • no surprise there’s no scent when it’s all packaged up and unopened
  • once everything is opened up and the shatter is out there’s no noticeable smells
  • held right up to the nose it has a somewhat sour scent of a freshly mixed batch of drywall mud
  • pretty sure the silicone container is what’s causing the scent and the shatter itself is so subtle that it’s been completely overridden by the container


  • no slim cardstock pack here, this is a fairly thick and sturdy cardboard box containing a silicone dab container with a single gram of shatter inside – pretty fancy stuff
  • minimalist styling with no Health Canada bullcrap or anything unnecessary listed
  • nice looking chunk of golden amber shatter contained within
  • seems to have sort of pooled up against a corner of the container and there’s no leaking or seepage whatsoever
  • appears to be clean and free of visual contaminants and no signs of autobuddering or anything
  • has some pull and bend before snapping


  • dabbed 3x on the titanium nail in small oiler rig
  • holy motherclucking pine forest over here
  • really pleasant but very strong pine taste with a little earthiness
  • just a touch of a fresh fruity flavours that shone through on the third dab
  • was quite smooth and really tasty with very little coughing


  • the high came on pretty quick
  • felt relaxing and mellow
  • super dry eyes
  • moderate pain relief
  • feeling pretty chill and sedentary
  • lasts for a good 1.5hrs or so at a nice level before starting to really peter off

Reviewed Aug 11, 2021

Top Tier Cannabis sent out this sample of shatter at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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