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Rick & Morty Medicated Nerds Rope 600mg THC

This edible was provided by a friend who obtained it from his neighbour. The origin is unknown but it looks like the same thing that’s floating around a bunch of the MoM’s sites. I’m pretty sure this is a distillate sprayed or dipped candy with fancy packaging purchased from dhgate or alibaba or something similar.


  • no smell while sealed
  • once opened it smells like sweet fruity nerds candy
  • nothing weird or alarming in the aroma


  • sealed pack looks fairly “professional” but is really just ripping off Rick and Morty as well as Nerds branding
  • the packaging has; product name, Rick and Morty image, THC warning, nutritional facts and ingredients listed – complete with spelling mistakes and all
  • the packaging does not have; child resistant seal of any kind, Health Canada bs, contact information
  • apparently the THC servings in this package is supposed to be 8 but good luck divvying that up into even doses
  • appears to be a red transparent gummy rope with nerds stuck to it – the nerds fell off every time this candy was touched or looked
  • the nerds do seem to be shinier than I remember them being but it’s been years since buying a pack
  • nothing about the appearance of the candy itself seems really off in any way, and at first glance the packaging looks legit enough to fool a lot of people into thinking it’s really a professionally made product by whoever is currently making Nerds candy


  • well if you’re reading this and you don’t know what Nerds candy tastes like then I’ve got to say loosen your purse strings a little and spend a buck and a quarter on a box
  • they taste like bitter-ass nerds
  • the nerds themselves are sweet and sour but good god the bitter distillate taste pretty much overpowers the candy and lingers
  • every time I try to take a bite, more nerds candy just falls off everywhere
  • it’s definitely noticeable when eating this candy that something ain’t right however it’s pretty tolerable and not anywhere near the poisonous levels of the High Dose gummies


  • only took a few minutes to eat the spilly bastard but finished it around 9:30am and feeling nothing
  • 9:54am – meh.. maybe a slight buzz but not really noticing much of anything
  • 10:00am – went for a walk and puffed a smaller hash/weed joint along the way
  • 10:50am – still tasting the nasty bitter aftertaste from the candy and feeling decently stoned
  • 12:10am – not really feeling much of anything anymore, the high has come way down and pretty well burnt right out
  • definitely not a full spectrum extract or if it is, it’s incredibly under-dosed

Reviewed July 27, 2021

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