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UK Blue Cheese From CAMMP

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  • extremely lemon scented
  • smells a lot like a Red Congo or other very lemon/citrus strain
  • sour and slightly earthy
  • tickles the back of the throat on a deep inhale
  • not getting anything remotely cheesy smelling
  • somewhat creamy when ground up – like lemon custard


  • kind of shaggy looking popcorny type buds with not a single nug weighing a gram or more
  • trim could definitely be better
  • sort of fluffy/dense with a decent springback when squeezed
  • feels like a nice moisture content and good cure
  • mix of greens and shaggy leafy bits with lighter amber coloured pistils and a good coating of yellowish antique-ivory looking trichomes
  • mostly dull with just the tiniest bit of sparkle when broken open
  • still somewhat sticky


  • High Life 1 1/4 wide natural unbleached paper with smaller filter tip used
  • sticky and rough through most of the grind and then eased up after a few spins
  • lots of bud stick and only an average amount of kief left behind in the grinder
  • bud looks fairly consistent and evenly ground
  • rolled nicely with just a little spillage at the ends and resulted in a good tight doob
  • ash is light grey, soft to the touch with just a bit of finger stain


  • tastes like a dank burnt lemon leaf
  • light and airy
  • smooth cabin in the woods
  • cherry wood
  • sweet
  • tastes like slightly lemony beach sand
  • earthy minty “toothpaste aftertaste” sort of flavour
  • joint got a bit hard to puff about 1/4 of the way in and then worked itself out and became good extremely smooth hauling


  • the high comes on during the last 1/2 of the joint
  • spaced out pretty hardcore
  • pretty potent for such unassuming looking shaggy buds
  • feeling it in the eyes and forehead
  • super chill and relaxed
  • great pain relief
  • head is lit and face is feeling fuzzy
  • lasts +2hrs

Reviewed July 25, 2021

CAMMP provided this sample of flower at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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