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Red Congolese From CAMMP

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  • lemon citrus and a greasy mechanic shop
  • lemony cleaning product like Pledge
  • just a hint of earthy smell held right up to the nose
  • smells really nice


  • soft and somewhat fluffy-dense flowers look a bit rough and hand trimmed
  • good springback when given a light squeeze but if its squished down pretty hard it’ll just stay compacted
  • mix of greens, golden tones and brown bits with a smidgen of shaggy leafage and heavy covering of amber/brown pistils
  • trichome coverage looks pretty dull on the outside with just a bit of sparkle when broken open
  • very lightly sticky, feels like a nice moisture level


  • Elements 1 1/4 wide ultra thin rice paper with smaller filter tip used
  • grinding felt a bit rough the whole time but the bud came out nicely busted up
  • just a bit of grass stuck to the grinder needing to be brushed out
  • rolls pretty easily with some spillage – joint feels nice and tight
  • ash is lighter grey, soft to the touch with minimal finger stain


  • dusty old berry lemonade Lip Smackers lip gloss
  • earthy
  • dank and dusty musty wood cellar full of grandma’s old canned goods
  • touch of pine
  • hint of berries in a chlorinated swimming pool
  • peppery
  • really nice, smooth and slow burning


  • the buzz comes on during the last 1/2 of the joint
  • whole head feels baked
  • eyes and mouth are dry
  • vision is brighter and somewhat surreal
  • neck and shoulders feel relaxed and somewhat massaged
  • good pain relief
  • very very dry mouth
  • upbeat and energetic
  • really nice bakery
  • +2.5hr high

Reviewed July 13, 2021

CAMMP provided this sample of flower at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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