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Master Kush From NextNug

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  • sweet and plasticky
  • earthy undertones
  • greasy plasticky petroleum product aroma when broken open
  • very similar to Nuken with the 3M invisible scotch tape scent going on


  • smaller buds and larger popcorns are a bit flattened from shipment
  • pretty darn sticky, required a poking to get the nubs out of the bag
  • fairly tight and dense with a good springback when squeezed
  • manicure seems alright for small popcorns and peas
  • lighter yellows/golds with some bright green little sugar leaf bits and orangey stigmas that really stand out and pop
  • trichome coverage is visible and a mix of creamy dull and some sparkle
  • bud sticks to fingers when poking around with it


  • Elements 1 1/4 wide ultra thin rice paper with smaller filter tip used
  • grind was nice and smooth with no bud stick but a fuck of a lot of crystally kief needing to be brushed out
  • bud looks pretty evenly ground up
  • just a touch spilly at the ends while rolling but not too bad – got a tight thick doober
  • ash is light grey, soft to the touch with minimal finger stain


  • tastes like a dish cloth that’s been drying out for a few hours but still has a little bit of moisture left in it
  • house paint with a slight bitterness and the memory of mint
  • hot countryside gazebo air
  • chicken fat
  • bitterness goes away around 1/2 way point
  • dried industrial cleaning enzymes with a hint of floral berries
  • apple cider vinegar during last couple of puffs
  • finishes with a piney soda-licious cherry soda flavour


  • high starts to hit during the first 1/2 of the joint
  • feels loose in the neck & shoulders
  • dreamy headspace and vision
  • light chesty feeling
  • dry mouth
  • really feeling it in the eyes, behind the eyes and bridge of the nose
  • face feels fuzzy
  • head is lit – really nice buzz
  • lasts a bit over 2hrs

Reviewed July 10, 2021

NextNug sent out this sample of flower at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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