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Platinum Punch From NextNug

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  • blackberries and fruit
  • sweet ripe cooked pineapple with a side of hydraulic grease
  • grape or wildberry candy/gum aroma
  • hints of hazelnuts
  • very sweet and nice scent


  • somewhat flattened buds are nicely tight and dense (little bit shiny from contact with the bag during shipping)
  • pretty sticky and springs back when squeezed
  • trim looks good and doesn’t appear to be microphoned from an autotrimmer
  • mostly very light coloured flower with extremely light coloured pistils and heavy trichome coverage inside and out
  • sparkles pretty decently
  • extremely sticky, left behind a residue on the rolling tray


  • OCB organic hemp 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • grinding felt fairly stiff at first and then smoothed right out
  • slightly above average on the bud stick and a shit load of kief needed to be brushed out
  • bud pile looks nice and mostly consistent with just a few larger bits
  • rolls extremely easily resulting in a fatty that burned extremely slow
  • ash is lighter grey, mostly soft with just a bit of an ultra fine sandy texture and stains the fingers a bit


  • dusty recycled paper berry cartons
  • old waxed wooden floors or stairwell aroma as a flavour
  • hints of funky Mendo Breath or Cake type strains
  • fruit juice
  • tastes a lot like it smells with the exception of the hazelnuts
  • mostly smooth puffing until the last 1/3 or so when it got a little hot and harsh


  • high comes on about 1/2 way or so during the crazy slow burning fatz
  • took a bit to fully set in
  • feeling a nice buzz around the eyes and forehead
  • bright colours and slightly enhanced vision
  • good pain relief
  • feeling upbeat, energetic and happy
  • super nice “get it done” type of stone
  • lasts about 2hrs with the buzz losing its peak around 1.5hr mark

Reviewed June 27, 2021

NextNug sent out this sample of flower at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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