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Pine Tar Kush From CAMMP

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  • greasy greasy pine
  • gassy and earthy
  • lemony pine grease with a hint of earthy tea biscuits
  • my god it’s greasy


  • tight dense stinky buds are olive drab army greens and orangey-brown hairs that all sort of mottle together
  • trim looks alright with just a few shaggers hanging around here and there
  • compressed a lot when squeezed and only springs back maybe 1/3 of the way
  • trichome coverage is fairly heavy but dull looking on the outside with some sparkle in crevices and when broken open
  • feels a touch dry on the outside from the thick frosting but still a good amount of moisture and stickiness inside


  • Smoking Maiz 1 1/4 wide horseblanket of a paper with a smaller filter tip used for the roll
  • felt quite a bit of heavy resistance during the first bit of the grind but then smoothed out nicely
  • lots of bud and kief stuck in the grinder
  • busts up pretty evenly
  • rolls extremely easily, the combination of the stickiness and the thickest paper on the planet made the joint nearly roll itself
  • ash is very light grey, a tiny bit sandy feeling and has no finger stain


  • tastes like sweet pine
  • sort of sappy
  • tangy wood with just a touch of bitterness lingering on the tongue
  • getting a flavour that’s a lot like the smell of a home made fruit cup that’s been sitting in the fridge for 2 or 3 days turning all nice and juicy
  • sweet ripe berries and pine
  • finishes with an extreme skunky pine and airheads candy flavour


  • the high comes on closer to the end of a very slow burning joint
  • feel talkative
  • forehead and temples are buzzed
  • somewhat energetic
  • by the time the doob is finished the high has encompassed the whole head and neck
  • good pain relief
  • really nice headspace
  • feeling pretty lit and also somewhat amped up
  • lasts a good 2 – 2.5hrs

Reviewed June 25, 2021

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