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Mendocino Purps From Buy My Bud

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  • gassy and greasy
  • earthy with a little bit of sweetness to it
  • ocean beach scent
  • apple juice and skunky pine
  • scent is pretty potent and punches you in the nose immediately after tearing off the seal


  • buds are flattened and have some shiny spots from contact with the mylar bag during shipping and storage
  • feel firm and dense
  • only springs back about halfway when squeezed, seems a little on the sticky side so it stays compressed a bit
  • mid-tone greens and blueish purples with brown pistils and a nice heavy trichome coverage that’s mostly dull with some sparkly bits in places
  • manicure seems alright with just a bit of leafage in spots – pretty typical


  • High Life asshole sometimes-backwards facing 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • felt a bunch of resistance while grinding and took about 3 full 360 degree cranks before it became buttery smooth grinding
  • above average on the bud stick and kief needing to be poked and brushed out
  • pile of busted up grass looks evenly ground for the most part
  • rolls just a touch spilly but not bad, got a decent fatter out of it
  • ash is very light. somewhat firm until poked then feels like fine sand and stains fingers black


  • tastes like dirty paper found in the street
  • slightly bitter with a musty old fruit cellar flavour
  • bitterness goes away pretty quickly
  • musty and skunky with hints of drakkar noir
  • dusty cinnamon
  • hints of pine near the end


  • the high comes on closer to the end of the joint
  • eyes and temples feel buzzed
  • vision is like a dreamy haze yet colours seem brighter
  • moderate pain relief
  • feeling pretty frickin spaced out yet somewhat able to focus on one single task if enough effort is put forth
  • lasts about 2.5hrs or so

Reviewed June 23, 2021

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