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Grown Up Yummy Gummies [150mg THC] From Entourage Edibles

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Two packages of 150mg THC Grown Up Yummy Gummies were sent out, one was made with Romulan and one was made with Death Bubba.

Both of the packages were very similar with the biggest difference being one was regular and the other was sour.

This review is for the Death Bubba version. The Romulan was also consumed on a different date and is very potent but no official review was done since the products are very similar. (and I’m a busy mofo)


  • fruity and sweet – much like a freshly opened package of jujubes candies
  • can definitely smell the sourness in these gummies
  • there’s no weed smell or anything strange going on at all that would give these away as pot candies


  • standard Entourage Edible mylar bag and stickers packaging – simple and efficient
    • the gummies are set onto a piece of parchment paper or something
  • Romulan package contained three colours; Red, Orange and Yellow
  • the sour worms are translucent with specks visible inside – pretty sure it’s some kind of sugar or possibly sour citric acid?
  • the gummies were stored in the fridge but the sour package was taken out the night before the review and in the morning there was some sort of oily residue in the package, not sure if that’s the THC or what but it also ended up staining my lightbox when they were photographed (this didn’t happen with the Romulan package)
  • classic gummy worm shape and lined up all nice and neat, looks awesome
  • good bouncy springy texture when poked and played with a bit


  • tastes really nice and sour
  • red flavour has a hint of cannabis that lingers just a moment and then goes away but pretty much getting a very nice strong Fruit Punch flavour
  • orange is a nice orange taste
    • orange also has just a hint of weed taste but very very minimal
  • yellow is a nice sour lemon, the flavours are absolutely spot on
  • overall they do feel a little bit softer than a storebought gummy
  • there’s a bit of a coconuty earthy aftertaste
  • and red is like twice as sour as the other two flavours


  • within about 15 minutes eyes start feeling dry, little bit of a chesty feeling, kinda feels like I just finished cranking a joint
  • less than 10min later mouth is getting dry and feeling spaced out
    • good pain relief
    • body feels slightly numb and woobly
    • movement intensifies the buzz and almost produces a fun vertigo type effect
  • smoked a bong of cannabis flower about an hour and a half after eating the gummy worms and really feel the extra kick
    • spaced out and relaxed
  • the effects lasted a good several hours, these are really quite nice and potent

Reviewed June 19, 2021

This product was part of the 420 prize pack won on the Entourage Edibles discord server. Thank you!

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