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Black Sugar Rose From BC Cann Co

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  • sweet like brown sugar and dirt
  • sort of like fresh forest air in the middle of a cool summer
  • not the most in-your-face smell
  • sort of nutty and greasy when broken open


  • nice tight and dense flowers have a good springback when squeezed
  • manicure is pretty nice with just a few little bits of leaf left in spots adding a nice character
  • mostly very light greens and yellowy orange pistils with some purple poking through in a few places
  • has a heavy coating of creamy white trichomes
  • just a bit of stickiness


  • Elements 1 1/4 wide ultra thin rice paper with smaller filter tip used
  • grinds up with a fair amount of resistance
  • pile of grass looks great, light coloured and very kiefy
  • very little budstick in the grinder but an absolute fuck ton of kief
  • rolling was a little spilly but not too bad, still got a decent fatz
  • ash is lighter grey, soft to the touch with minimal finger stain


  • tastes like sandwich meat from a sandwich that’s been sitting in your lunchbox beckoning your name all morning and just got around to at the perfect time
  • earthy and slightly nutty
  • has the taste of an old Sears catalogue that was stored in a box in a garage since 1909
  • funky, musty and dusty
  • getting some skunky pine towards the end
  • overall it was really smooth puffing all the way through


  • the high starts off lightly during chuffing the puff – maybe about 1/2 way in
  • feel it continue to intensify for a good 10 – 15 minutes before it really sets in
  • hits pretty hard, feeling nice and deeply baked in the whole of my brain
  • very prominent in the forehead and eyes
  • eyes are squinty and dry with a sort of dreamy vision
  • great pain relief
  • space the fudge out – definitely a couchlocker effect
  • lasts 2.5 – 3hrs

Reviewed June 16, 2021

BC Cann Co provided this sample of cannabis flower at no charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

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