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Turned Up Mint Truffles [125mg THC x4] From Entourage Edibles

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  • getting a faint minty scent while the package is closed
  • extremely strong mint aroma with a nice chocolatey undertone once the box is opened
  • nothing off or weird about the smell at all


  • 125mg THC per Truffle – the cannabis used in this product is from the strain Purple Punch
  • the packaging on this product is a bit different than the standard EE bags which is perfect because I don’t want smooshed chocolate
    • nice quality cardstock box with 4 large amazing looking truffles inside all individually sitting on little mini chocolate paper liners
    • the box was not sealed with stickers or plastic shrink wrap and there is no child resistant packaging or Health Canada BS going on
  • the chocolates look fantastic with a nice dark brown covered by a light minty chocolate drizzle
  • once cut open you can see the thick dense rich smooth inside
  • feels pretty darn heavy


  • I wanted to eat all 4 chocolates for a total of 500mg THC but they’re just too big so I only ate one at a time
  • on the first bite there was the faintest taste of weed but it was extremely brief and quickly overshadowed by the smooth cool minty chocolate taste
  • holy damn these things are sofa king good
  • I’ve had “professional” store bought chocolate that didn’t taste even half as good as this
  • they’re creamy and smooth – really smooth except the outer layer which has a bit of a texture to it
  • the chocolate flavour and mint extract is perfectly balanced and tastes cool like an Icy Square or Zero chocolate bar


  • unfortunately I wasn’t really able to keep track of my high on these chocolates although I think that in and of itself speaks volumes to the quality
  • the only thing I was able to write down before I got absolutely caked is that it hit about 5 – 10min after eating one chocolate and my mind and vision were getting woobly and dreamy with a surreal feeling
  • in my experience, chocolate is the hardest hitting edible there is and these are no exception – if you want to get shmuckered off some real quality chocolate edibles then this right here is what you want

Reviewed June 9, 2021

This product was part of the 420 prize pack won on the Entourage Edibles discord server. Thank you!

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