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Pink Lemonade From Greens & Goods

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  • sweet citrus – oranges, lemons, calamansi, grapefruit – very 5-Alivey
  • watermelon rind
  • earthy
  • greasy mandarin orange peels


  • one larger fluffy/dense flower with an alright looking manicure
  • has decent springback when squeezed but feels really soft
  • colours are a mix of greens and purples with brownish stigmas and a very visible layer of creamy white dull trichomes
  • feels very moist and a little sticky


  • Elements 1 1/4 wide ultra thin rice paper with smaller filter tip used
  • feel some average resistance while grinding
  • grinds up a little chunky looking pile
  • zero bud stick in the grinder but about twice the average kief haul
  • rolls incredibly easily but compacts a LOT – joint was way thinner than it should’ve been & this will present itself during puffing
  • ash is lighter grey, soft with minimal finger stain


  • tastes pretty much exactly how it smells
  • citrus and 5-alive
  • hints of BBQ char taste
  • slightly greasy
  • becomes impossible to puff as it nears the 1/2 way point
    • had to finish the joint in the bong because not even half way through it wasn’t smoking – I predicted this when it compacted so much during rolling
  • smoked pretty nicely in the bong, tasty


  • you’d think hitting the rest of the joint in the bong would intensify things but it didn’t seem to
  • only light feels up to 5min after puffing just makes you want to smoke more
  • starts to hit harder after the first few minutes
  • feeling it around the eyes, temples and top of the head
  • light chesty feeling
  • somewhat dreamy vision with dry eyes
  • face is fuzzy
  • somewhat spaced out
  • moderate pain relief
  • lasts about 1.5 – 2hrs or so

Reviewed May 29, 2021

Greens & Goods sent out this sample of flower at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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